The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the Humboldt University hosted the second International conference on Southeast Asian Gateway Evolution (SAGE 2013).

Museum für Naturkunde BerlinThe meeting focussed on the origin, diversification, and conservation of Southeast Asia's megadiverse fauna and flora against the background of the region's complex geology and climate history. Climatologists, biogeographers, palaeontologists & geologists all contributed to this multidisciplinary meeting.

We thank all participants for making the conference a success and hope to meet you all again at the next SAGE meeting in Bogor, Indonesia in 2017.

Organizing committee

Dr. Thomas von Rintelen (Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin)
Dr. Ken Johnson (Natural History Museum, London)
Dr. Willem Renema (Nederlands Centrum voor Biodiversiteit Naturalis, Leiden)
Dr. Lukas Rüber (Naturhistorisches Museum, Bern)
Prof. Fauzie Hasibuan (Geological Agency, Bandung)
Dr. Daisy Wowor (Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Research Center for Biology, Bogor)

Scientific advisory board

Prof. Chris Austin (Monash University, Kuala Lumpur)
Dr. Bill Baker (Kew Gardens, London)
Dr. David Gower (Natural History Museum, London)
Prof. Robert Hall (Royal Holloway, London)
Dr. Hanneke Meijer (Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.)
Prof. Peter Ng (National University of Singapore)
Prof. James Russell (Brown University, Providence, RI)
Prof. Ferry Slik (Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden)

Sponsors for SAGE 2013